Software as a Service

EHR Incentive Review Application

AIMS developed an EHR (Electronic Health Records) Incentive Program Attestation Review online portal that allows for a greater degree of speed, accuracy, and efficiency, in reviewing attestations that are submitted by providers who attest to meaningful use of their Medicaid patient population. Currently, it sits on top of the MAPIR (Medical Assistance Provider Incentive Repository) system, but it can be modified to use any data source. We are providing the use of our app through a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Our application can keep track of all the submitted attestations, as well as their status in the review process, through a work queue, which allows a manager or supervisor to assign attestations to reviewers as they come in, and allows the reviewers to see only their assigned attestations and the associated status for each. This work queue can be adapted to show any high level data that a review team needs to see right away to follow their workflow. 

We also keep full records of each review right in the app, so that they are accessible by anyone at any time. Users can access these records right from the work queue, and add information to them from the same location. We can also program a wizard into the work queue that will step a reviewer through your state's review process, allowing them to write notes, and answer questions, which will all be recorded and accessible in the app.

Our application makes sure that everything needed for a review can be found in the same place, reducing confusion and increasing efficiency. Providers have been much happier with the increased turn-around time, as they get their incentive money much sooner than before. Reviewers are also satisfied because they do not have to spend as much time on each attestation and they can speed through more during each day, reducing provider complaints.