Relevant Policies

Public Act No. 16-77 - An Act Concerning Patient Notices, Designation of a Health Information Technology Officer, Assets Purchased for the State-Wide Health Information Exchange and Membership of the State Health Information Technology Advisory Council

Public Act No. 15-146 - An Act Concerning Hospitals, Insurers and Health Care Consumers

Plan Submitted to OPM on Jan 4, 2015

Public Act No. 14-217 - An Act Implementing Provisions of the State Budget For The Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2015

This webpage is intended to bring together the various policies guiding the Health Information Technology (Health IT) initiatives underway in the State of Connecticut.  Our goal is to keep information on this site current so all stakeholders are informed about current endeavors, as well as planned Health IT initiatives.  Our primary goal in the Health IT arena is to adopt and advance the use of national standards that support secure data exchanges and enhance interoperability across health care organizations.

Brief History


CMS awards $5.0M to DSS implement Medicaid HIE and eRx system

June 2007 – DPH to develop a statewide Health IT Plan (PA 07-2)


Feb. 2009 – ARRA enactedJun. 2009 – DPH lead HIT agency and forms HITEAC (PA 09-232)

Jul. 2009 – DPH publishes CT Health IT PlanOct. 2009 – DPH establishes HITEAC


Apr. 2010 – ONC awards $7.29M to DPH to create a statewide HIE

Jun. 2010 – HITE-CT created (PA 10-117)

Sep. 2010 – DPH submits Strategic and Operational Health IT Plan to ONC

2011 Jan. 2011 – HITE-CT begins operation

Jun. 2014 – HITE-CT is sunset (PA 14-217)

Jul. 2014 – DSS responsible for state Health IT Plan development (PA 14-217)

Dec. 2014 – CMS awards $45M to OHA for the State Innovation Model; $10.7 M earmarked for Health IT and 1.9 M in state bond funds


Jul. 2015 – PA 15-146 enacted- DSS authorized to develop & implement a statewide HIE.

Aug. 2015 – DSS releases Health IT Governance Plan (PA 14-217)

Aug. 2015 – First Advisory Council meeting

Acronyms used:

CMS - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

DSS - Department of Social Services

HIE - Health Information Exchange

eRx - Electronic Prescribing system

DPH - Department Public Health

ARAA - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

HITEAC - Health Information Technology & Exchange Advisory Council

ONC - Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

HITE-CT - Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut

OHA - Office of the Healthcare Advocatenology Exchange of Connecticut