PI Program FAQs

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Am I eligible to attest for the PI Program?

As of Program Year 2017, the PI Program is no longer accepting first time attesters (AIU) into the program. Therefore, to qualify, you must have completed and been paid for at least one prior attestation, as well as match all of the requirements. Attest by visiting the MAPIR website. The system will prompt attester for certain necessary information. The attester will need to select a stage (for 2017, stage 2 or 3)

For more information on eligibility and requirements, please visit the Eligible Professionals page.

How do I recover password or user information for a provider?

In order to attest to the program on MAPIR, you will have to enter a username and password unique to each provider. If you cannot find this information, you can go to the Medicaid Hitech Website and follow the links guide to the Login Instructions page. At the bottom, under Account Management, there is a number to call in case of password or username issues (888 734 6433). 

For more information on registering, please visit the Eligible Professionals page. 

What is the required supporting documentation for the PI Program?

The supporting documents are Patient Encounter List (PEL), Purchase Order/Invoice, CEHRT/Cart Page, Security Risk Assessment (SRA), MU and CQM CEHRT Reports, Objective 10 Supporting Documentation and Exclusion documents (if qualified to exclude). 

For all information on supporting documents and templates, please visit the Supporting Documents page. 

What is the reporting period for providers?

  1. There are two separate Reporting Periods:
    1. The Patient Volume Reporting Period is either:
      1. Any 90 Day Period within the year preceding the payment year (for 2018, this is any 90 days within 2017).
      2. Any 90 Day Period within the 12 months prior to the date of attestation (if the attestation is completed on 2/1/2019, this is any 90 days between 2/1/2018 and 2/1/2019). This period can change. If the attestation dates are changed in MAPIR, the new 12-month period is prior to the day the dates are changed (if the provider changes the dates on 2/6/2019, then the new 12-month period is 2/6/2018 to 2/6/2019).
    2. The PI Reporting Period has two components:
      1. The Meaningful Use Objectives must be collected over any 90 Day Period within the Program Year (for 2018, this is any 90 days within 2018).
      2. The Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) must be collected over the entire year (1/1/18 to 12/31/18).
  2. The Reporting Period for Patient Volume and EHR Attestation can be different.

For Year 2 Meaningful use, can I use a 90-day window or do I have to wait until January?

You can use a 90-day window for all of your reporting. 

Can I exclude from Objectives 8 and 9?

  1. No. There is only one exclusion for these two measures, and it does not apply to any Connecticut providers.
  2. Providers that do not meet the thresholds for Objective 8 Measure 2 and Objective 9 may use the entire year of data for the numerator and the denominator from the 90 day period in order to comply. 

One of the questions in past attestations stated that 50% of all encounters and 80% of all unique patients have their data in the certified EHR during the reporting period.  Can you please clarify this? Does this mean 80% of the unique patients within the 50% of all encounters?

A unique patient can have multiple encounters. Therefore, 50% of all encounters are different from 80% of all unique patients. If you have 100 patients but 320 encounters, you need to have 80 patients and 160 encounters.  

What is the exact format for the Patient Encounters List?

For more information on the PEL and/or to download a useable template, please visit the Supporting Documents page. 

Are patients considered “duplicates” when they are listed twice for the SAME date of service, or the entire PEL itself? 

Encounters are considered duplicates if they are for the same patient, on the same day of service, for the same provider. If they do not meet these criteria, then they are unique encounters and you should include them. 

How can I extend the automatic duplicator to make it easier to filter duplicates?

If you go to the last, filled cell of the automatic duplicator, hover over the bottom right hand corner and a black plus should appear. Double click with the black plus, and that should drag and drop it to the entire column. 

If I am attesting as a group, should the same PEL be uploaded for all the providers or should the PELs be individualized?

The same PEL should be uploaded for everyone in the group. In addition, all providers must also have to same patient volumes. 

Can a contract be counted as a Purchase Order or Invoice?

No, unless within the contract, there is a statement saying that the EHR system is a free service. For more information on Purchase Order, please visit the Supporting Documents page. 

If my 90 days Patient Volume data fall amongst 2 years (example Dec 2016- March 2017), what year does my SRA have to be from?

SRA has to be from whatever program year you are attesting to. If you are attesting to Program Year 2016, your SRA has to be from 2016 regardless of the data years. 

What to do if my CEHRT ID in MAPIR is different from the ONC provided CEHRT page?

You cannot change your CEHRT ID in MAPIR; therefore, the reviewer (UCONN) will have to report this issue to DSS for them to change it on the backend. Please contact us with the appropriate CEHRT ID if you notice this before we complete a review for you. 

My registration on CMS is currently stuck in “In Progress” status, how do I get out of this to move towards the payment process?

Log into the CMS R&A system and resubmit the Registration so that your attestation in MAPIR can proceed through the payment process. Follow all the steps there. If you have questions, call the contact number on the Login Page. 

Whom do I contact if I cannot access my MAPIR account?

If you are having issues with your User ID/Password and are unable to log in, please contact the PI Program Information Center at 888-734-6433 / TTY: 888-734-6563. 

Where can I go to produce a 2017 MUST Portal?

 The MUST Portal run through DPH for Objective 10 is no longer operating. As such, to meet this objective, you must either upload a MUST Portal from 2015 or 2016, upload an exclusion letter from the supporting documentation page if the exclusion applies, or contact Diane Fraiter at DPH at diane.fraiter@ct.gov.

How do I produce an SRA for Program Year 2017?

The Department of Social Services strongly suggests going to the ONC website to produce an SRA with all of the requirements.

Will we be able to attest to Modified Stage 2 in 2018?

Yes, Modified Stage 2 is available in Program Year 2018.

How many objectives/measures are required in Program Year 2018?

All providers are required to attest to a single set of nine objectives and six measures for Modified Stage 2 or six objectives and six measures for Stage 3 in 2018.