About Us

This webpage is intended to provide you with an overview of the many Health Information Technology (HIT) initiatives underway in the State of Connecticut.  Our goal is to keep information on this site current so all stakeholders are informed about current endeavors, as well as planned HIT initiatives.  Our primary goal in the HIT arena is to adopt and advance the use of national standards that support secure data exchanges and enhance interoperability across health care organizations.

Team Bios

Improving the quality of care through research, analytics and evaluation

Alan Fontes, MS

Director and Solutions Architect

Alan is an Analytics and Information Management (AIM) Solution Architect who has over 30 years of experience designing innovative solutions to empower businesses with information and insight to make data driven decisions. He has developed innovative solutions to improve the population’s health status and well-being through outcomes-based analyses to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of program services and guide the quality of health and human services delivery, migrating from a purely reactive cost-based model to a proactive preventable event management solution.

Alan has provided leadership to organizations and held executive level positions as Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), and Managing Partner of managed care and advanced analytics organizations. He has worked with State and Federal government agencies, national health care payers, managed care organizations, integrated health care delivery systems, and service contractors in the areas of data governance, master data management, data transformation and integration, advanced analytics, clinical groupers and stratification models, business and clinical intelligence (BCI), information visualization and delivery, business process design, and solution integration.

Alan has been in the Army for over 30 years, where he has provided the leadership for military deployments and global operations to include a chief operations officer for the mobilization of forces in support of Overseas Contingency Operations to include OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM and OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM.

Education: Alan received his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Data Structures from the University of Florida and his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jessica Strein, MS

Business Analyst

Jessica has three years of enthusiasm for data analysis and data communication to improve the lives of people around the world. Before coming to UConn, she worked on data analysis for Defenders of Wildlife creating interactive budget charts and soliciting data from the public to help support endangered species. She also has experience in genomic analysis with large scale data.

Current Project Portfolio: Health Information Technology (HIT) Program

Education: Jessica received a Bachelor’s of Science from Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) in Molecular Biology and a Master’s of Science from UConn in Genetics.

Christopher M. Gracia, BS

Technology Manager

Chris brings over 7 years of Healthcare IT and programming expertise. His past experience includes designing database schemas and ETL processes and using the Agile Development principles. Chris is passionate about continually improving the skills of his team and solving complex problems thoughtfully.

Education: Chris received a bachelor’s degree in computer Science from Bridgewater State University, MA.

Bryan Thurston, MS

Senior Business Analyst

Bryan has five years of benchtop research experience in biochemistry and bioengineering analyzing data sets for a diverse range of projects. He also has two years of clinical experience seeing patients for orthotics needs. His research interests include improving patient awareness of their own medical conditions and improving communication between medical professionals for medical cases.

Current Project Portfolio: Health Information Technology (HIT) Program

Education: Bryan received a Bachelor’s of Science from Penn State University in Biology and a Master’s of Science from Clemson University in Bioengineering.