Mission Statement

Analytics and Information Management Solutions (AIMS) group is focused on the design and development of advanced innovative patient-centered analytics and information management solutions to make a change in the industry. We need to open the lines of communication to share information between patients, consumers, providers, and payers, making the people informed decision makers. We need to leverage one of the most valuable assets, that of data, and transform it into information and insight to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services and focus programs to improve outcomes.

With the continuous changes in our healthcare environment, we need to bring innovation through collaboration to design and develop innovative ways to be disruptive to the status quo and change how source systems data is acquired and transformed into information, via the analytical algorithms that we will use and continue to design, develop, and refine. We need to share the information through secure systems interfaces and manage it through various innovative visualizations, and dashboards, and mobile applications. Users need the ability to easily access and extract insight to establish, guide, and manage interventions to outcomes, while also enabling the ability to capture data and information at the point of service to feed back into the solution.

Our drive is to design and develop advanced analytics and information management solutions to transition organizations from the typical retrospective reaction to downstream outcomes towards prospective analysis and management of upstream events to improve outcomes and the quality of life of people.

Cycle of Data Use

We are UConn AIMS, Collaboration for Innovation.